A Facebook Book Ads Targeting Tip

    I don’t know how many of you are using Facebook ads for your book promotion, but I recently shifted the majority of my ad budget there. After the new ad management system launched at Amazon in early January I’ve personally seen some really weird dropoffs, and I don’t know if it’s due to the changes, a reporting error, or just some issues with my ads – but I’ve decided to stop throwing money at that channel for the time being.

    Instead, I decided to shift back to Facebook for my ads … and with the latest set of ads I’ve put together, I’m seeing the best results I’ve ever experienced on Facebook. The reason why? I made a small tweak in my targeting.

    In hindsight, it’s something I should have done quite a while ago. But like the rest of you, I’m always learning – and sometimes that means missing something that seems so obvious from the beginning that you want to slap yourself for not seeing it earlier.

    Make This Facebook Audience Change

    Here’s what I did: I added must match interest “Amazon Kindle” to my targeting.

    Facebook Audience Targeting

    That little change has dropped my cost-per-click on this ad set to currently less than 10 cents a click. That’s a huge drop from my previous cost-per-click on Facebook for this book’s ads of roughly 27 cents a click. (And those were shut down a few weeks ago because they just weren’t profitable).

    Now, of course, there are multiple other things that can affect the click-through rate and your cost-per-click. Things like ad visuals, copy, headline, the button you use, etc. – but this change helped considerably. Plus, those people who are clicking are actually buying. Yesterday I had one of my best sales days ever on The Unfortunate Expiration of Mr. David S. Sparks, and the only ads I’m running right now are these new ones on Facebook.

    I should point out one thing: if my Amazon listing pages themselves weren’t optimized, all these low-cost-clicks would be worthless.

    Clicks don’t do you any good if people don’t convert to buyers – and my Fix Your Amazon Listing and SELL MORE BOOKS guide helps with that!

    I’m not saying you should kill all your other ads. And I’m also not saying adding that interest will revolutionize your Facebook ad performance (though I do recommend testing it). What I’m saying is that there is a lot of trial and error when it comes to improving the performance of your marketing strategy.

    So, if you’re running ads on Facebook, swing on over and see if your audiences have that “interest must match Amazon Kindle” setting on them. If not, try a new set of ads with audiences that do, and test to see if you get a lift in performance. It’s definitely helped me.

    Both an independent author and an award-winning marketer, William F. Aicher combines his experience from the two to help other independent and aspiring authors succeed in publishing and marketing their books. He has published several books and short stories, spanning fiction and nonfiction, to rave reader and industry reviews. You can find him online at www.williamaicher.com

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